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Titulo 1

This is a way to make with the family, as it lacks physical or technical difficulty. Chugs through vineyards and fruit and usually on dirt roads or paved, in perfect condition.

The route starts near the Health Center Navarrete and out of your town between new developments, to get into the vineyards. Continue heading east, on the road to Mora, to a place where you turn right and where we can make a stop to admire a beautiful stone hut, and in the end of Train.

After the break, the tour continues to the S, turn left and passes a recreational area with large oaks. Among pear trees and vines reach the LR-254 highway connecting the towns of Maundy and Train, and that we must cross with caution.

Keep heading east, reaches a point where four enormous poplar and greet us again turn right to take the Cañada Soriana to a new hut, where does a new twist to the right.

Train reaches and passes through the village towards NW along the old road. A Train output deviates to the right to continue in parallel with the LR-137 road that leads to Navarrete.

This last section is common with Route 11 Source de la Ribera. This route was later diverted to the left, to the Source of the Bank and, however, does our path forward.

We pedal through vineyards up to the way we started the route in reverse and making return to Navarrete.


Topographic profile
  • Route: Fuenmayor – Fuenmayor
  • Length: 4,48 km.
  • Difficulty: Fácil
  • Type: BTT
  • Ramp: 166 m
  • Time: XX min.

Perfil ruta 1

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