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Título 6

Circular route, among vineyards and other crops, leads to the dam of Valbornedo, a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. Its onset is coincident with that of the Routes 11 Source de la Ribera, 12 Dehesa del Prado, and 16 Two pastures, to take the Pass of the Pilgrims, track livestock and ancient pilgrimage route linking the monastery of San Martín de Albelda with the French Way to Compostela.

At this point, a short technical section starts rising quite loose stone and we will strive to show off our technique not dismount. Later, we return to bond with Route 12 Dehesa del Prado and bordered the swamp on its western side to link up with the road that is paved Pantano, and connects it with the town of Navarrete.


Topographic profile
  • Route: Navarrete – Navarrete
  • Length: 6,35 km.
  • Dificulty: Media
  • Tipe: BTT
  • Ramp: 99 m
  • Time: XX min.

Perfil ruta 6

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